Dream of a Bigger Home

I don’t know with you, but I want to live in a bigger place than what my husband and I have at present. While it’s nice to look at Westerville Ohio homes for sale online, migrating to another country isn’t part of our plan. I wouldn’t mind having an out-of-the-country trip soon, though. But, you know, some priorities come first than others.

Our dream of a bigger home is very much alive. In fact, we are gradually saving up for it. We are eyeing to buy a house and lot at this beautiful village in Bacoor. It’s along Molino Blvd. and near the newly-built city hall complex. It’s quite expensive (we’re talking of several millions of pesos here) but with some lifestyle adjustments and strict financial measures, we think we can afford it a few years from now. I said a few years from now because we are expecting some positive changes in our income and net worth by then.

Why is it houses are so freakin’ expensive these days especially here in Manila? It must be the high demand and the growing desire of Filipinos to acquire their own place. In this society of ours, a house you can call your own speaks of everything. It embodies our dreams and ambitions. It also conveys a strong message to the world that we are capable of living the good life, just like the other nationalities all over the world.

As for the hubby and I, we are really determined to acquire a bigger house. This determination is going to be stronger once we have our own kids. The town house we live in in Bacoor right now won’t be sufficient (space wise) when our future children come into the picture. It’s actually more of a need than a luxury. So yeah, we are up to the challenge of realizing this dream.

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This is What I Do to Make Sure I’m Perfectly Prepared for Travel

As you know, I love to travel and see the world as much as possible. Now, my travel plans for 2015 are kind of up in the air due to money. But I am hoping to get away at some point this year to a couple of places. Sometimes I like to stay local, you know? There’s so much I haven’t yet seen in my own country that it seems remiss not to explore it.
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Home Improvement 101

How about Columbus Paver Patios? I started asking myself this question when my husband and I moved into our new home in Bacoor in 2012. You see, back then, we were newly-weds who were just about to begin our life together in the suburbs. We were very excited and full of ideas for our new home. He wanted a garage, I digged a vegetable garden, and all those other nice things. We made many plans and because we were working on a limited budget, some of them materialized while others were either postponed to a later date or just left forgotten.
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Travel Plans for 2015

Have you been to any of the Hotels near Durango Coloardo? I haven’t yet. But I wish I could someday. Perhaps, in one of my post-retirement travels? Why not? I could always include it in my travel plans, right?
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A Shopping Challenge

I started this year with a shopping challenge. It’s actually a ‘no’ shopping challenge which is known online as a shopping fast. If other people can do it, why can’t I, right? I admit I can be a shopaholic. I’m also very much into impulsive shopping. But I realized I still have tons of stuff lying around the house. Some of them I haven’t even used yet while a few others I didn’t know existed until recently.
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A Fun and Packed Saturday

Last Saturday was fun and packed. From Manila, we drove all the way to Jollibee – Greenmeadows in Pasig to join the celebration of my cousin’s son Trey’s 2nd birthday. It turned out to be a mini-reunion for us because my aunts, uncles and cousins and their extended families were there.
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Fun and Adventure Await at the Sandbox, Alviera

Last Saturday, April 5th, the hubby, my brother and I braced ourselves for some fun and adventure as we joined more than a hundred people from the blogging community and traditional media to the Sandbox in Alviera, Porac, Pampanga. It was an outdoor experience like no other and I was glad we traveled all the way to the north to preview it. The trip, which let us use the wide roads of both NLEX and SCTEX (to get to the Porac exit), was definitely worth it.
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My Lazada Philippines Shopping Experience

I’m not new to online shopping. I’ve been doing it since the time of Multiply sellers (too bad there’s no Multiply marketplace anymore). I shop online when I have spare money and I just window shop online when I don’t have money to spend. I find online shopping easy to do and quite therapeutic, too, just like how traditional shopping is.
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